Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ukulele watch ... or is it ukelele?

So the strings are settled now. I've mastered a few chords and attempted to do what everyone with a new ukulele does - learn 'Tonight, you belong to me' from The Jerk. Not too shabby, though my brain is still seeing a D guitar chord when I'm playing a 'G' ukulele chord.

New piano arrived in the week too. Yamaha P85s for those who care (cue tumbleweed ....)

I don't normally buy a musical instrument each week, promise. I blame PayPal - it's like you're spending free money!

It's printed on high quality 300gsm Matt A4 paper and is available at my online shop -

It's available as a limited signed/numbered print for only £10 
or an unlimited/unsigned print for only £5

Perfect for framing and giving to the uke player in your life.
Plink, plink, plink...


Royston Robertson said...

It's ukulele and it's Hawaiian for jumping flea!

TimHarries said...

Good to know. I had checked on the different spellings and it appears that Ukelele is an occasionally used UK variant.

Is it wrong that I'm already looking online for my next one? Quite fancy an electro acoustic tenor uke...

Helllllp Meeeeeee!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was 'ukulele ?? !!

TimHarries said...

and you'd be correct!

Gerard Whyman said...

Shouldn't that be " 'u'd be correct" ?!

By the way, Tim - I remember you were posed the question on what instrument George Formby played? The answer I think most would give - like yourself - was the ukelele. But I heard on the radio t'other day that he often played a banjo ukelele. Apologies if that's sent you to sleep... :-)

TimHarries said...

Yes, I looked it up later on Wiki Wiki Wikipedia and it appears he played a Banjolele

I suspect I got confused - it was of course George Foreman who played the ukulele :)

reyalpeleluku said...

I like to see people being passionate about the ukulele/ukelele. Happy strumming.