Thursday, November 05, 2009

Witney Weekender

No Sleep til Witney!

The CCGB organised a cartoonists weekend away a while back. I've been meaning to post a few pics and cartoons so here they are.

The weekend was in Witney, near Oxford and included a trip to Wychwood Brewery.

Unfortunately I only took 2 photo's during the whole weekend, and they're pretty bland:

Here's a pic of something that I must have considered fascinating.

Here's a pic of some yeast overflowing. Don't panic, this is quite normal.

Fortunately there were plenty of other cameras present during the weekend:
(Photo: Clive Goddard)
That's me in the strange hat surrounded by my cartoon mates during the beer tasting. I'm not much of a drinker these days, but they were very generous with the measures and it seemed rude to refuse...

This was also the time to see the 'Are you a Goblin' cartoon competition winners. All the participants drew cartoons on the witchy/goblin theme, with first prize going to Noel Ford.
Here's my entries, all with a 'witchy' flavour ...

After the brewery trip, we took a walk around Witney and found the museum...

(Photo: Clive Goddard)
A picture of me trying the latest Wacom Graphics Tablet.

In the evening, there was a meal and we had a bit of a musical jam, featuring piano, loads of guitars, egg shakers, a ukulele and a kazoo. It was noisy but extremely fun with plenty of cartooning also going on all night, as can be seen by Clive Goddard's picture of me and bandmates!

(Photo:Clive Goddard)
Noel, Bren and me wondering if we're all playing the same song.

This is me strumming a guitar while the room turns excessively red.

(Cartoon: Clive Goddard)
Thanks Clive, a stunning likeness!

An excellent weekend was had by all. The end.

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