Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Small but beautifully formed

Click on image to get a better look!

Here's a selection of small 'Sun Fun' gags (plus a Star gag) I had published in 1996/97. These were some of the first things I had published. Funny to think that these gags probably had a bigger readership than anything else I've ever done!

There's a few interesting* things to note:

1) If the Sun took it now (highly unlikely since they've stopped taking gags!) I imagine the Pamela Anderson gag would now have Jordan as the subject, Hmm - perhaps a rewrite and sending off to Cartoonstock is in order!

2) Having the words 'No Fun' written under your cartoon can look quite bad when taken out of context!

3) Some of the gags were printed really small! The British Heart Foundation gag is under 3 cm wide and requires a magnifying glass to see properly.



Royston Robertson said...

Brilliant to see these, Tim. Some ace gags there. It's a shame they don't use gags like these much any more. Once question though, did you cut them out in the dark? ;-)

TimHarries said...

Cheers Royston.

I only came across these recently tucked away in a folder while tidying up my filing cabinet. Glad I scanned them in, even if my scissor skills are lacking! :)

Was great fun seeing them all again - I'd forgotten quite a few of them, and it made me eager to do more b&w gag work.