Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A new Sherriffs in town

Back in December, I took a trip to that there London, spending an extremely enjoyable day in the company of cartooning pals Ger Whyman and Royston Robertson. We visited the Viz exhibition at the Cartoon Museum, which was an outstanding collection (particular highlights were the full colour covers by Simon Thorp).

We also visited the Chris Beetles Gallery which was holding an exhibition entitled 'The Illustrators 2009 - The British Art of Illustration 1870 - 2009' This was the exhibition's 27th year and there were familiar names on display - Thelwell, Giles, Emett, Hoffnung, and the artist I'd especially gone to see - Robert Sherriffs. (I've blogged about Sherriffs and his work before - you can read my post here.

The exhibition was a selling one, so I also had the chance to purchase an original. After much deliberation (thank you Ger and Royston for your patience!) I chose this 'Rear Window' illustration featuring Grace Kelly and James Stewart. It featured in the 2oth October 1954 edition of Punch, and is one of many produced by Sherriffs to illustrate Punch's film column.

It's now hanging proudly in my house, next to a Banksy print - most unusual but enjoyable bedfellows!

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