Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shrewsbury Cartoonists

Click image for larger version

Here's a curio - an illustration from 2004 for the Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival. I was asked by the organisers to draw a line of cartoonists in the shape of the Festival Logo, which is in turn based on the route the River Severn takes through the town.

I added a few cartoonist friends I know to the line, (although I think my caricature skills have improved since I drew this... :) Probably only a question for cartoonists who actually know these people, but can you spot any of them? No prizes, except the satisfaction of knowing you could decipher my artwork.


john said...

Like the logo Tim..other than yourself the only other I think i know is Terry Christien !!!!

TimHarries said...

Thanks John. Yes, Terry's in there - well spotted!