Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Cartoon Book - The Seldom Seen Blog

I've produced a new book (mini comic? booklet? - what's the correct term these days?) which you can now buy via this blog. Here's some pics and a bit of blurb from it.

"Hi! Welcome to The Seldom Seen Blog... a collection of cartoons, sketches and Strange Looking Blokes posted on my blog in 2009, and featuring over 70 of my favourite posts and drawings from the past year.

There should be much to edify and amuse the discerning reader, with artwork and topics ranging from ‘unfortunate placement of leaves’, and ‘the correct spelling of ukulele’* to the mystery of ‘Johnny Vodka and the Missing Toenail’."

It's a lovely 32 page, full colour collection and is only £2.50 including postage to UK readers which I'm sure we can both agree is an absolute bargain! (Non UK readers please email for costs)

You can buy it via the Paypal link on the right. For other payment methods, email me at: tim (at) timharries.co.uk 

*I managed to inadvertently correct the incorrect spelling of 'ukulele' in a blog heading when putting the book together. Gah! Thanks to Royston Robertson for spotting it - those years as a sub-editor weren't wasted!


john said...

just ordered it...looking forward to reading it...hope you sell a lot !!

TimHarries said...

Cheers John - your copy is in the post, hope you enjoy it!