Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Strange Looking Bloke Wednesday

Today's Bloke has an impressive 'tache, mutton chops, plus a hat set at a rakish angle. Form an orderly queue, ladies....

Nib Nerd: drawn with cheapo Berol Fineliner and white pencil on a red 'post-it' type thing.


Shane Taylor said...

Love this guy Tim, He's Terry Thomas mixed with Bill Sykes.

Mark Wood said...

He looks like a farmer you'd want to keep away from your sheep!

TimHarries said...

Hi Shane, thanks for the comment.

I see what you mean - the Terry Thomas front teeth gap and the Bill Sykes facial fuzz.

TimHarries said...

Mark, I think I'd keep him away from all the farm animals.

Glad to see you've started a blog - I look forward to following it.