Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Strange Looking Bloke Wednesday

Today definitely qualifies for Strange Looking Blokes. These are quick brush pen sketches done while watching Psychoville, a bizarre but darkly funny series from some of the League of Gentlemen team.

One episode in particular stood out - their homage to Hitchcock's Rope, filmed in one room in what appears to be one take (I guess some clever cuts took place once or twice). Even if you don't fancy the entire series, check that episode out if you get the chance.

You Tube clip of the creators talking about the 'Rope' inspired episode


Poobah said...

I saw two cuts in the 'Rope' episode.
One where a character goes out the door and another when the lid is lifted. I think that's the same cut that Hitchcock used.

TimHarries said...

Ah yes! Well spotted!