Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2010 Big Board Cartoon - Medusa

Yesterday's blog post featured a few examples of other people's Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival Big Boards, so it's about time I showed mine too. I managed to take photos of it at various stages of completion (as I did in 2008 and 2009) so here's a few pics:

Some cartoonists were going straight in with markers, but I took the lily-livered option of marking up a grid and penciling in first.

Then it was on to the 'inking' or in this case, 'large fat permanent marker'-ing. Note the bottle of drinking water on the floor - this was much needed since it was a gloriously sunny day, and as a group we cartoonists normally spend 18 hours a day locked in a darkened room. Ten minutes of sunshine and we pass out...

I was told that all the cool kids were adding their website address to their boards, so I followed suit. Internet... it's the future!

If we learn anything else from this picture, it's that I cannot draw a word balloon very well.

That was it for the Friday. I'd started on the board later than I would have liked, so planned on an early night and hoped the weather would stay nice. Only one of those things happened....

I moved on to colour on Saturday, which was another beautifully sunny day. Had grand plans to lay down the flat colours and then add shading and more details to the Medusa, but time somehow managed to zip by.

We enjoyed musical accompaniment as we drew - an excellent young band entertained everyone in the square, performing the blues and sounding like they'd been together for decades, despite each looking about 16! Young and talented. Gits....

Next thing I knew it was 1.30pm and I had a workshop to do at 2pm! I quickly slapped on the last of the colour and had barely enough time to sign the board and clean my brushes before I was walking very briskly to my Comic Strip workshop. In fact I spent most of the weekend rushing around! Great fun though!

The boards were packed away Saturday, but made a reappearance in the square on Sunday morning. It was a good chance to see all the finished boards - I'd not had time the previous 2 days to really have a good look at them all, so was glad for the opportunity to check them out once more before heading home. Steve Bright was kind enough to take this picture of me at my board. Cheers Brighty!

I've got some more festival photos to share which I'll post later this week.


Hypervox said...

I really like the board Tim - wish I could have been there to see it in person - maybe next year!

TimHarries said...

Cheers - really hope you can make it next year. It really is great fun, and well worth staying over to enjoy a bit of socialising.