Thursday, April 29, 2010

Final Festival Roundup!

Here's some more pics taken at last weekend's Cartoon Festival:

Martin Honeysett colours up his Big Board. Excellent art, excellent hat!

Big Board wrangler and Festival organiser Bill McCabe blows that harmonica real good!

 The Dan Owens Blues Band who - frankly - rocked!

Cartoonists Steve Bright and Jason Chatfield dwarfed by Hagrid! I was going to make a nerdy cartoonist in-joke about Steve Bell turning up, but it's been done several times.

As well as producing an excellent Big Board, Jason Chatfield also took the time to caricature the Mayor and Mayoress of Shrewsbury.

It was a high pressure job, since he was surrounded by security, ready at any point to snap his neck at the first sign of an unflattering likeness. Luckily he came up with the goods and lived to draw another day.
The Surreal McCoy caught on camera! No-one knows her real name! Don't worry Carol, your secret's safe...

Another popular part of the festival was the caricature tent, where the public lined up to be drawn by a team of talented artists, including Terry Christien. (seen here through my very large pin hole camera)

The festival featured a lot of Professional Cartoonists' Organisation members, most of whom wore these T-Shirts. The back had blank space for each cartoonist to add his or her artwork on any theme they liked so I chose to use the festival's main theme 'Magic, Myth and Mystery'.

It's been fun looking at all the pictures, but nothing beats actually being there.
If you get the chance, please do come along next year! I look forward to seeing you there.


Gerard said...

Lovely snaps, Tim - you've stepped into my shoes nicely!

john said...

great photos Tim .I'm glad you all had a great time...

TimHarries said...

Thanks chaps. Truth be told, Nikki took most of these - i just claimed the credit!

Ger, have you got any trainers I can step into? I prefer leisure footwear :)