Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival Workshops

Cover for Foghorn 21, featuring coverage of the 2006 Festival  (read the issue here)

Yes indeed! The Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival is almost upon us and cartoonists from all over the world (allowing for volcanic ash related delays :) will be gently rampaging through the lovely town of Shrewsbury. Some talks, exhibitions and workshops are opening or taking place today, but I'll be heading there tomorrow morning, to meet up with fellow scribblers, work on a Big Board in the town square and take a Comic Strip Workshop on Saturday afternoon. The workshop is great fun, open to all ages and free to drop in and visit.

It'll take place at Shropshire Wildlife Trust (check out this excellent map on Bloghorn) from 2pm - 4pm. Feel free to come and have a go, or simply say hello.

 Page 1 of the Creating Comic Strips worksheet (C) Luke Warm/ Tim Harries

If you can't make it, I've uploaded the worksheet we use on the day. It's a 3 page PDF file and can be downloaded/printed off here

I'll also be taking along copies of The Seldom Seen Blog, so if you fancy buying a copy, I can devalue it slightly by signing it. See you there!


john said...

hope you have a great week end in Shrewsbury...
I have an original page 1 that you gave me in Nottingham ,hanging on my wall.........

TimHarries said...

Cheers John. I think I remember that version of page 1. Good to know it's still looked at!