Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Strange Looking Bloke Wednesday

 Click on picture for bigger version

To enjoy today's bloke fully, I recommend you head to YouTube and type in 'Edgar Winter Whistle Test' to witness 9 minutes of musical genius and sartorial elegance. Watch for the 'Whispering' Bob Harris cameo at the end.

Here, I've done it for you.... Edgar Winter Group - Frankenstein

Nib Nerd section: done in Photoshop.


Ian said...

Wow! Thanks for that link Tim - Listening to it now. Awesome!

TimHarries said...

Awesome indeed! It's an interesting 9 minutes... starts off great... fab sax solo ... goes off the boil a bit about 5 minutes in with the strange synth widdly bits and comes back for a rousing finale!

In the words of Bob, "amazing..."