Friday, April 23, 2010

Thank Dai It's Friday

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This is strip 2726 from may 2007.

Yes, it may be a cliché but I do remember being absolutely terrified of the daleks and hiding behind the sofa, which as any child knows is the safest place in the event of alien/monster attack (if cowering under the duvet is not an available option)

I haven't watched much of the recent incarnations of Dr Who. My interest waned around the mid 80s after Peter Davison left, but the one episode I was told I simply *must* watch - entitled 'Blink' - was indeed excellent (and delightfully jumpy!) with the added bonus of featuring familar scenes from Newport! "Hey, there's Dr Who walking down Charles Street! Hey, that's Diverse Records! Cool!"

I'll have to start watching the last 4 series to check they didn't film in my street without me knowing...

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