Friday, April 30, 2010

Thank Dai It's Friday

Click on the strip for a larger version

This is strip 3339 from May 2009.

Are we allowed to laugh at our own jokes? Looking through strips to put on my blog, I'd forgotten about this one, so it took me by suprise and I admit I laughed (technically a quick chuckle).

I remember Mamma Mia showing for months and months and not once could my wife persuade me to see it. She even went to the 'singalong' showings which usually featured several hundred women belting out all the hits. I asked Nikki if there were any men at these showings and she said maybe one or two, often looking scared or confused...

Now Star Trek... there was a good film!

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Huw Aaron said...

Agreed on both! I was pleasantly surprised by Star Trek...and pleasantly absent from Mamma Mia.

Cathy said...

Hehehehehehehehe ... love it, Tim, both the strip and the account of Mamma Mia which followed ...

TimHarries said...

Thanks for the comments Huw and Cathy