Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Superdragons update

Ok, it's been a few weeks since I first mentioned the Superdragons project going on in Newport, so I thought I'd better do a quick update.

The actual painting has been going on at the 'Dragon's Den' in the city centre, a space where local artists can work on their dragons and chat to the public as they paint. We even had a suprise school visit today. My nerves have just about settled (just joking! - the kids were polite, well behaved and genuinely interested in what we did. Hope they grow up to be Cartoon Editors!)

 The Dragon's Den

Anyway, it's been a good opportunity to get away from the computer for a bit of yer actual paint splashing. I manfully resisted asking where the usb slot was, and instead got out the green paint. Lots of it. I managed to use all that and then bought some more. I also used that. After my third pot of green paint, I decided it would have been cheaper to genetically engineer a real dragon. I'll know for next time...

 Purest Green, my lord!

'Why green?' I hear you not asking. Well, I'll tell you.
My Dragon pays distant homage to (or 'shamelessly nicks the concept of') 'Where's Wally' and features lots and lots (and lots) of rugby players running around the pitch (Green!) and only one rugby ball, and it's up to the public to find it. I've only just started pencilling the players in, so there's still quite a bit of work to do, but I'll keep updating the blog on how things are going.

Quick explanation attached to the Dragon 
after numerous 'whatcha doing?' enquiries.

 Paper guides of the players temporarily stuck on.

Players waiting to be added. C'mon lads, limber up!

Colour designs done on the computer.

That's all for now. I'll post more pics in  coming weeks.


Hypervox said...

Look forward to seeing how it comes out Tim!

huw Aaron said...

Nice! When's the public opening? I want to see this epic...and a probably half-dead hand-cramping Tim Harries!

Royston Robertson said...

Very nice idea. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

john said...

Looking good Tim..thats a great idea with the rugby players I wondered why you where painting it all green......

TimHarries said...

Thanks chaps!
The curved surface is proving a challenge to work on - wherever I draw on the dragon, there seems to be a wing or tail in the way of my elbow!

Huw, I think there's going to be an official opening and dragon parade sometime in July. I'm not sure of the exact date, but will let you know.

superdragon tshirts said...

Tim, really nice work with your dragon - it's great seeing people looking at it.

You've clearly got a subversive side, making everyone bend down and look up the dragons bum looking for the ball!

TimHarries said...

Thanks! That whole bending down thing is good exercise!