Friday, May 28, 2010

Thank Dai It's Friday

Click on the strip for a larger version
Here's another change to the normal Dai routine. This is today's actual strip from the Argus, dated 28th May 2010, and scanned in from the paper for that genuine 'as seen in print' feel.
I thought it appropriate since I caved in and bought an iPad today. I hadn't preordered, so it was a bit of an impulse purchase, but really the strip above pretty much sums my reasons for purchasing it! :)
Aaah, shiny goodness....

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john said...

I think that would be my reason too Tim.I'd really like one but it will have to wait.Let us know what you think of it...

SmartFOXIT said...

what do you need an ipad for?
Ooohhhhh shiny.
What is your ipad doing on monday because I wish to date it!

Is that going too far?

Royston Robertson said...

Ooh, shiny. So what's the verdict on it?

Nice cartoon. Just saw the early strips you posted last week too, great to see those.

TimHarries said...

thanks for the comments folks!

Well, after vigorous testing this weekend, my verdict is... absolutely brilliant 'toy', not really a laptop replacement, but great for watching movies, surfing the net and playing games, - pretty much what I knew it would be and what I got it for.

I've just got sketchbook pro for it, so will see how successful drawing with it is...

Probably a few things to improve with the next version but overall, very happy with it, although the UK pricing leaves a lot to be desired.

SmartFOX... yes, that's going too far!