Monday, August 30, 2010

Saga know their Onions

It's a lovely sunny bank holiday, and like many freelance cartoonists, I'm working. Bah!

Here's a cartoon featured in the new issue of Saga Magazine. I originally drew this with a banana speaking, but it sat on the unsold pile for a few years. A change from fruit to vegetable,  and hey presto! Finally, we have confirmation - onions are officially funnier than bananas.

Here's the previous version (which I quite like actually... may even prefer it. Shh, don't tell anyone.)


john said...

both good Tim..

geraint ford said...

Maybe it's something about your boss being able to make you cry - I can't pin it down but it's definitely funnier! Cool switch.

Ian Ellery said...

Should have been a hot dog! :-)

TimHarries said...

THanks John

Geraint, that's a good point about the crying. Could make another good joke!

Ian. I shall use a hot dog in the *next* version of this cartoon :)