Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Strange Looking Bloke Wednesday

I've had an iPad for a few months now, and absolutely love it - I use it for movies and music, games and browsing the internet. I've also done a few sketches and doodles using an app called Brushes. I've neglected to read the manual and preferred to get stuck straight in, but if you're used to Photoshop and layers, it's all pretty intuitive and  incredibly enjoyable.

Here's one of the first 'finger painting' cartoons I did. To compensate for lack of pressure sensitivity, you can set it up to vary the line thickness or opacity with the speed you draw the line.

One of the neat things in Brushes is the ability to export the 'actions' into a quicktime movie. (Currently only available on Mac I think)


If you're thinking of getting an iPad, I recommend the Brushes app. I've yet to explore Sketchbook Pro in as much detail, but it looks equally good.


john said...

That looks good you would definately recommend the i pad for drawing..

TimHarries said...

Well I wouldn't suggest getting an iPad if the only thing you want to do is draw with it - probably better off sticking with a laptop and wacom, but on top of all the other things I use it for the ability to sketch with it is an extra selling point for me.

No doubt future versions of iPad will improve it's uses in the art world,and if Apple allow pressure sensitivity to be implemented, it could be even more exciting.

huw Aaron said...

That is so cool. Love it!

TimHarries said...

Cheers Huw - iPad's great fun to draw with! Shall bring it along next time we meet.