Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Big Draw 2010

I'll once again be taking part in the Big Draw in London. Here's the official blurb: "Join us on 22 and 23 October for 'Make your Mark on the Future: From London Bridge to Tower Bridge'. At our London Highlight event you can choose from thirty activities at eight venues, and collect your free Daler-Rowney art materials. No one is too young or old to take part in this free drawing bonanza."

I'll be running one of the cartoon workshops on Saturday the 23rd (not quite finalised the time details yet!) being held at 'The Scoop' - a public space near Tower Bridge and also this year's location for the annual Battle of the Cartoonists, where teams compete to produce the best banner, while the crowds shout their approval. Great fun!

You can download a flyer for the whole weekend's events here, and I'll hopefully write a bit more about it as the date gets nearer.

Here's some Big Draw reports from 2008 and 2009, courtesy of Bloghorn



Hypervox said...

The cartooning workshop sounds cool, and it's somewhere I can actually get too! Keep us posted Tim - it would be great to meet you in the flesh, and say "thank you" personally for the post cards!

TimHarries said...

It would be great to meet you Shaun - I'm not exactly sure what time it all kicks off, but I think the Battle of the Cartoonists starts about 3.15. The workshops probably start around 11am or midday.

I'll post the correct times when I have more info.