Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Farewell ye Dragons

The Superdragons are now off the streets of Newport, spruced up and ready for their final farewell tonight at an auction! Here's a bit of the blurb:

"Following their final farewell at Kingsway Shopping Centre on 23rd- 25th October, the SuperDragons will find their new homes at an auction to be held at The Riverfront during the evening of Wednesday 27th October.

75 per cent of the net proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Born Free Foundation to support wildlife and communities in Africa and Tenovus to support their vital and inspiring work in South Wales.

Join John Altman, EastEnders Nasty Nick, Virginia McKenna OBE, Founder of the Born Free Foundation, Newport Gwent Dragons plus other entertainers for a fun evening and a chance to win a blank mini-dragon."

You can read more about the auction here: Newport Superdragons  
and download a catalogue here: Auction Catalogue

My dragon (Scrum) managed to survive on the streets of Newport which was something of a relief. A friend's little girl decided that since some of the other dragons had been vandalised by 'naughty boys'and mine was untouched, I must be friends with the naughty boys, possibly even a naughty boy myself! How very dare she! :)

The dragon did suffer a few minor scratches and had worn away due to the heavy rain, very occasional blistering sunshine and most of all, the general touching, prodding and wear & tear that went on during the months it was on the streets. I'm quite pleased that this showed people were interacting with it in a very tactile way! 

This meant that it needed a bit of touching up, so I wandered over to the mini Dragon's Den to look it over and apply a bit of TLC.

Quite a small space for lots of dragons!
Tail was probabaly the most worn part. Always saw lots of kids hanging off it!

Wings need a touch up too. I sandpapered it down, applied the base white, and then colour acrylics on top.

Did the same with the tail. Went back the next day to varnish - job done!

It's been a fun experience, and people tell me they already miss the dragons out and about in Newport. Perhaps there'll be another project like it in the future. If I do it again, I'll definitely think long and hard about the design. Something with less fiddly characters to draw I reckon....

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