Thursday, October 28, 2010

The perfect canvas

The Cartoonists Club held it's convention and AGM a few weeks back. The location was Butlins in Skegness  - not a location I particularly relished, but it tied in with the club's history - for many, many years the club had used Butlins for it's conventions, plus there was a feeling that after several years of annual trips to breweries and similar non kid-friendly places, a return to the family holiday was in order. As my cartooning mate Royston Roberston said, it seemed like an elaborate joke! Butlins... in Skegness... in October...

Turns out it was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend for everyone attending - plenty of socialising, singing and drawing cartoons. One of the highlights was a cartoon competition on the beach. This was a last minute addition to the weekend, and very much relied on the weather. Fortunately, the moment we set foot on the sand, the sun shone brightly and soon a multitude of cartoonists, partners and kids were wielding improvised drawing implements and getting stuck in...

Everyone busy on their sandy works of art.

Duncan Bourne uses the popular fishy theme

Royston Robertson starts on his desert island gag

Bren Romans produced the largest cartoon of the day!

Here it is from the other end!

Me! I drew the border first and then had a quick panic about what to draw.

Here's my final artwork. I think it's resolution is probably 300GPI (grains per inch)
It was great fun working on the beach. No worries about mistakes, just smooth them over with your foot! Just had to be careful where you trod, and of course the whole event was just a temporary exhibition. The sea was coming in fairly quickly and our pics soon disappeared under the waves. The ultimate critic.. :)

I'll post more about the weekend's main cartoon competition in a few days.


john said...

great stuff....looks as if you had a good time !!!

TimHarries said...

Cheers John - yes, it was a brilliant weekend.