Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Huw Aaron's Cartoon Collections - review

Here's a recent review I wrote for the Cartoonists Club.

Typical, you wait all year for a Huw Aaron cartoon collection, and then 2 turn up. Not that I’m complaining mind you - these are well worth the wait.  If you’re unfamiliar with Huw’s work, his cartoons regularly appear in the pages of Reader’s Digest, Prospect, Private Eye and The Oldie plus many others -  all the more impressive since it’s not that long ago that he quit a career in finance to pursue cartooning.  I suspect the cartoon that adorns the cover of his first book “Gentlemen, I’m off to join the circus” is more than a little autobiographical.

Anyway, let’s look at the collections. So, what are they like? Are they worth buying? The answers in no particular order are ‘most definitely’ and ‘very funny’

“Gentlemen, I’m off to join the circus”
contains about 100 gags from Huw’s first year of ‘plowing the cartoon furrow’ as he puts it, and while you can see various styles being tried out, all are unmistakable Aaron creations and uniformly funny - most guaranteed to get you smiling and more often than not laughing out loud. Plenty of ‘where on earth did that idea come from?’ gags too - and I mean that in a good way! Lots of standout cartoons in this first collection, but a favourite of mine is the one below:

The second collection “Does this breastplate make me look fat?” is pretty much more of the same - great gags, artwork with a lovely loose style that looks like it was fun to draw, and the kind of ideas that occasionally make you wonder for Huw’s sanity, and as a fellow cartoonist usually make you go ‘wish I’d thought of that’.

Both books are well worth buying and can be ordered via www.huwaaron.com for only £5.99 each

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