Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Strange Looking Bloke Wednesday

Today's bloke may be familiar if you've read the Professional Cartoonists Organisation publication 'Foghorn'.
Ol' misery guts here sits atop the regular 'Curmudgeon' feature where various topics are moaned about in a 'Grumpy Old Men' style.

For some reason his hair reminds me of Josh Hartnett in 'The Faculty'. I'm sure he had a strange pudding bowl haircut, with tufts randomly sticking out at the back. Funny old world, eh?

Nib Nerd Section: Drawn with a Pentel Brush Pen (I think), probably colour on Photoshop. It was done a few years ago, and I'm having trouble remembering what I had for breakfast, so you need to cut me some slack.

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