Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bristol Comic & Small Press Expo

The Bristol Comic & Small Press Expo takes place this weekend and I'll have a table there Saturday and Sunday selling lots of cartoon prints, books and postcards.

(Actually the '101 Gag Cartoons' book will be in very short supply since the printer cocked up the latest batch I ordered! Bah! Ah well, I'll have some new A3 and A4 prints there to make up for it!)

The event is split between 2 venues (just a short walk between them) and I'll be in the 'Independent, Small Press and Manga' side of things at the Mercure Hotel. It's sure to be an enjoyable weekend and if you get the chance to come along, please do drop by and say hello. (other greetings are equally acceptable)

1 comment:

Steve said...

Tim, best wishes for the weekend, trust you will sell a huge stack of your excellent books!