Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mr Bell and the Beano

I finally managed to visit the Cartoon Museum for the last weekend of Bell Époque - 30 years of Steve Bell. Packed, it was... packed to the gills! (whatever that means.) I had to fight though hordes of Guardian readers to look at any of the art, but it was well worth it.

Small but perfectly drawn

We're not allowed to take pictures of individual artwork, so I'd like to apologise for the poor quality of the pictures that I may or may not have taken while I was there. Allegedly.

Actually, I wanted to try and show how small all the artwork was! The pieces above seemed to be about A5 at most, yet the amount of detail is boggling! and you could probably fit about four If... strips on a sheet of A4. Steve obviously likes to work at this size, but I suspect my eyesight would have given out long ago!

Another picture I didn't take. Allegedly.
 I have to confess that despite the wealth of political material on display, what delighted me the most was the small display of strips drawn for kids comics, including 'Gremlins' for Jackpot and 'Dick Doobie the back to front man' for Whoopee (the latter strip required holding it in front of a mirror to read what the main character was saying!)

Beano rejection? Bah!

Lovely to see this Beano rejection letter from 1977 too. Wonder what 'Rhino on the Rampage' and 'Ted the Train' looked like?

If you haven't seen the exhibition, your're too late unfortunately! Worry not though, you can still get the catalogue from the Cartoon Museum's online shop

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