Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Strange Looking Bloke Wednesday

Here's my entry for this month's caricature contest on The Cartoonists Forum - the subject is actor Jim Broadbent. Was fun to do, even if the Bafta looks a bit drunk :)

Nib Nerd section: Done with Pentel brush pen and grey Pitt pen. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ukulele cartoon print


It's printed on high quality 300gsm Matt A4 paper

It's available as a limited signed/numbered print for only £10 
or an unlimited/unsigned print for only £5

Email me for purchase details at tim (at)

Perfect for framing and giving to the uke player in your life.
Plink, plink, plink...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Thank Dai It's Friday

Click on the strip for a larger version
Hey hey hey! Haven't posted any Dai strips for a few weeks. Here's strip No.3933 - printed just after this year's census as you've probably surmised. I'm pretty sure I did a census strip in 2001, so remember to check out the next one in 2021. 
/twiddles thumbs, waiting for 2021...

'Please form an orderly queue' - 
The 2nd Never Say Dai Collection

Join Dai Morgan and his family in this second collection of organically grown Never Say Dai strips - each one lovingly hugged before appearing in the wild. Features over 270 strips!
Available now for only £5.99 plus £1.20 p&p

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bristol Comic & Small Press Expo Report

Had an enjoyable weekend at Bristol Comic & Small Press Expo. This was my first time at Bristol as an exhibitor - I'd been as a visitor most years since 2004 so it was obviously a different kind of Expo for me this year, selling my books, prints and postcards. Although I spent the majority of my time manning my table, I still found the odd minute to rush around the venue, chatting to comic creators and buying much more than I'd budgeted for. I ended up spending most of my profits. D'oh!

Sweet sweet comic goodness
Here's most of my haul from Saturday -
Stayte of the art by James Stayte
New British Comics 3 which I bought from the brilliantly named Warwick Johnson Cadwell
Stray Bullets from Angry Candy
Tales of the Spiffing  - an anthology by a bunch of Aardman Animation employees. A few of them kindly signed and scribbled inside it too.
'Never eat with a spoon that which can be eaten with a fork' and 'Carnet D'un Sauvage' by Welsh El Dorado Press
The Meanderings of Jeremiah Wellgood by Seb Burnett
'The Sorry Entertainer' newspaper and 'Smoo' from Smoo Comics 

These are not the comics you're looking for...
A steady stream of visitors stopped at the table throughout the day, including the occasional Cosplayer, Superhero and Stormtrooper. It was good to know that even in an event like this I wasn't the weirdest person there.

Sunday was more of the same, although I found the visitor numbers to my table (and indeed the room I was situated in) to be down from Saturday. Still, I sold a decent amount of books and postcards, but prints were the best seller for me that weekend, with the Ikea Ark one proving to be the most popular.

Once again I took the opportunity to rush around meeting fellow exhibitors and buying any comics that took my fancy.  Sunday's haul was another dent in my takings!

Bang goes the profits

Here's the Sunday collection:
'Bristol Story' and 'Brunel' from Simon Gurr
Madam Samurai from Scar Comics
Smuggling Vacation by Jason Wilson
Vesha Valentine by Despop
Attackosaur by Attackosaur Comics
A flyer for the forthcoming 'Nelson' by Blank Slate - this looks superb!
The adventures of Doctor Sputnik by Roger Langridge

Roger was also kind enough to draw some original Dr Sputnik' art for me. I had a table one down from him - he spent most of the weekend sketching for people. Very popular artist (with good reason!)

And this print by Warwick Johnson Cadwell also cried out to be purchased! 4 quid well spent!

Anyway, I've talked too much. Brilliant weekend. See you next year!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Strange Looking Bloke Wednesday

Here's a bloke drawn during a visit to the pub a while back. He looks a bit sad - actually, most of these blokes do - perhaps Sad Looking Bloke Wednesday is the more accurate title.

I'd bought some watercolour brush pens last year but hadn't used them, and some tips and artwork I saw on Twitter by the extremely talented Dan Berry reminded me that I needed to give them a whirl! Great fun to use and perfect for sketching and doodling when out and about.

Mmm... Root Beer...

 Nib Nerd Section: Done with Pencil, Watercolour Brush Pen, assisted by Root Beer and Glass with Ice.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bristol Comic & Small Press Expo

The Bristol Comic & Small Press Expo takes place this weekend and I'll have a table there Saturday and Sunday selling lots of cartoon prints, books and postcards.

(Actually the '101 Gag Cartoons' book will be in very short supply since the printer cocked up the latest batch I ordered! Bah! Ah well, I'll have some new A3 and A4 prints there to make up for it!)

The event is split between 2 venues (just a short walk between them) and I'll be in the 'Independent, Small Press and Manga' side of things at the Mercure Hotel. It's sure to be an enjoyable weekend and if you get the chance to come along, please do drop by and say hello. (other greetings are equally acceptable)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Strange Looking Bloke Wednesday

This week's bloke -  I'm not quite sure if he's a sinister vampirish figure with a black cloak or simply someone stuck up to their neck in coal. I get a kind of Wilbur Dawbarn vibe to this character - Wilbur's blog is full of macabre characters borne out of his experiments with ink and brush - all wonderfully rendered. Go and check them out!

Nib Nerd Section: Drawn with a Berol Fine Liner while I was thinking of ideas (hence the furious cross hatching on the cloak... a great time waster!)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Blog update

I shall be back to blogging this week. A combination of deadlines, holidays and broken computers have kept be elsewhere, but at least it means I've got a *lot* of Strange Looking Blokes to post in the coming weeks...