Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Strange Looking Bloke Wednesday

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Strange Looking Bloke Wednesday returns with a guest post!

My good friend and fellow cartoonist Gerard Whyman unearthed a rare drawing of 'Partially sighted' Norris Starling, blues 'singer' extraordinaire, together with this bio:

"Norris has been playing the blues since being laid off from his job as a paper boy in 1964 and he's been on the dole ever since. He sings songs about failed romances, babys that have left him, babys that have been left on his doorstep, his collection of bottle tops, his collection of tank tops and his faulty central heating system. All for 50 pence a performance, just don't tell the DSS - not that it matters, no one ever pays him anyway. Norris has always suffered from a lack of perspective resulting in his lower body looking grossly enlarged in comparison to his upper body - he wasn't drawn at floor level, he really does look like that."

Big thanks to Ger for supplying this week's SLBloke! - I hope to feature more guests in the coming months.


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