Friday, September 21, 2012

Cartoonist not beaten

Click image to enrage

The Reader's Digest 'Beat the cartoonist' results are in, and it's trebles all round with my caption "Turn off your predictive text, Brother Thomas" beating off some stiff competition from the readers. In your face, lovely delightful readers!

That takes the score to Readers 5, Cartoonists 3, so still a chance for the plucky rebels (us) to defeat the evil empire (readers). Sorry, I'm currently listening to the Star Wars soundtrack.

I was looking to see if I could find the original sketch I did of this cartoon, but I must have chucked it away/deleted it (can't remember if it was pen or digital) so here's a picture of what I had for tea last time my wife was away for the weekend.

Creme Egg on a bed of Cheese Balls.


Royston Robertson said...

Congrats. That was definitely the best one and I was pretty sure it was yours. Interesting meal. That's most of the major food groups ignored.

TimHarries said...

Delayed reply ahoy!

Cheers Royston, good to see common sense prevail with a win for cartoonists.

The meal was obviously a special treat. I can't feast like that every night.