Saturday, September 15, 2012

Vee Henna

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Wandering through Newport yesterday, I stumbled across this touching scene - a sozzed up lady singing 'Vienna' in a rather unique way to a  very patient busker packing up his stuff. Not sure if he was packing up due to the 'singing', but I was really tickled by the pronunciation of Vienna. I'll probably always sing it like that now.

Drew this a few minutes later in the Riverfront Sessions while I was waiting for the Open Mic night to start. Had another fun night there, selling my books and prints, enjoying a few beers and listening to the various acts.

Would have been amazing if 'Vee Henna' had turned up. Maybe next time.


Steve said...

Great post! Ahhhhhhhhh..... Bisto!

TimHarries said...

Indeed! Cheers Steve.