Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rolf and Gren

“All I ever wanted was to draw. I have an almost childish love of cartoons. I always look forward to doing them. If it wasn’t my work, I’d be doing them as a hobby.”
Gren Jones. 

The highly acclaimed and popular series 'Rolf on Welsh Arts' returns to BBC One Wales. In this, the first of four programmes, Rolf Harris heads off around Wales in his 'Rolf Mobile', to gather all he needs for his own personal tribute paintings in homage to some of the nation's greatest artists.

In this funny and witty programme, Rolf tours the Valleys, visiting the people and places that influenced South Wales iconic cartoonist Gren Jones. And as background for his tribute cartoon, Rolf has to undergo a real Gren experience against the clock and create a cartoon for the next day's edition of the Echo with a little advice from comic legend, Max Boyce.

This episode is available until Fri November 9th.

I was a big fan of Gren (still am!) - here's my tribute to him from 2007

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