Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Strange Looking Bloke Wednesday

Ok, so they're not really strange looking blokes, but it is Wednesday and I have rules to follow.

I've got the new BF5 album and tickets for the UK tour, so I've been playing it on constant rotation.
As much as I like Ben's solo stuff, I do think he works best in this group - really raises his game. Love the way they sound too - manic piano, fuzz bass and crashing cymbals one moment, delicate harmonies the next.

Hopefully the tour will be a mix of old and new material. I've seen Ben Folds live plenty of times, but never Ben Folds Five which will make hearing (hopefully!) Underground, Army and Kate all the sweeter.

Nib Nerd Section: Drawn with my new Deleter 'School G' pen, then a tiny amount of grey wash. Lovely scratchy line with the Deleter - a welcome to change to my computer work.


Huw Aaron said...

Love BF5 - didn't know they had a new album out...

*cue frenzied spotifying*

What's a 'deleter pen'? Is it dippy or cartridgey?

TimHarries said...

They're touring too Huw - seeing them in Bristol in Nov with Nikki and fellow BF5 fan Ger!

The deleter pen is cartridge. You can see the deleter range of pens nibs and inks at

I've got the 'Deleter - TACHIKAWA NIB G PEN - Fine Black'

The blurb... "Just in - this is a pen with the nib included. We're testing these out at the moment. Ideally you need to use these each day in order to stop the ink from drying out. Very nice 'fountain' style pen with a fine point and black ink cartridge."

Also bought some of the nibs and inks - just need to find the time to try them out. Gary Northfield recommends them as do a few other comic peeps.